Sunday, April 7, 2013

About us

Multicom Tanzania  

Is a company leading to the business management, consultancy and ICT  sector in widely professional techniques  to save the customer needs.
Multicom Tanzania,  provide consultancy services, develop and implement products for customers on all matters regarding implementation of computer software and hardware systems, management of data processing, information systems and data communication systems.

We deal in all classes and types of telecommunication, computing and related
peripherals and parts thereof including, but not limited to telecommunications electronic test and measurement equipment analytical equipment, data processing equipment, electronic calculators, equipment services, electrical and electronic components of every description and minicomputer and micro computer products, computer networking products and services, computer software.

Multicom Tanzania, it  provide business advisory services related to the preparation and maintenance of the accounting, statistical, scientific or mathematical information and reports data processing, preparing, collection and data of every kind and description, systems or aiding commerce, industry, scientific and research problems and for all other related businesses inside and outside of country.

M base on three sector


This is the sector which provide the support to your employee for giving them the knowledge, technical and motivation in   order to run your organization to competitive advantages.

  •  We provide the training in business sector and
  • Information and Communication Technology.

Information and Communication Technology Sector

This sector base on technical and technologies supports,
  • Computer maintenance and repair
  • Networking configuration and support
  • Software installation
  • Website design and hosting
  • Art and Design

Business Managements

  • Research writing and report design
  • Accounting package

Multicom Tanzania: The world of professional